“The filmmakers are determined to sound a WAKE-UP SIREN, and they BLAST it with extra strength”


Kangaroo The Movie


Experience the film and host a screening for your friends, neighbours, and community. It is a great way to bring people together while raising awareness towards Kangaroos. You don’t need to own a cinema. If you can play a DVD, you can bring people together to see this film.

We would love to see Kangaroo screened around the globe and are here to support you. While local theatres are screening Kangaroo, private screenings will not be permitted until after the cinema screenings are finished.

Screening dates can be found here.

To plan your screening you will need to sign up FIRST.

Each screening requires a licensing fee which will be advised on approval. This nominal amount helps the film makers cover their expenses. Grants are also available from Vegfund here: https://www.vegfund.org/.

If you would like to write to us directly, please contact: kelda@indievillage.org.

Once your screening has been submitted and posted on the Kangaroo Events Calendar and the Kangaroo Facebook page, you may then go ahead and advertise your event.

All you need to do NOW is fill out the below form.

Host a Screening