“The filmmakers are determined to sound a WAKE-UP SIREN, and they BLAST it with extra strength”


Kangaroo The Movie



Upcoming screenings

Past screenings

Date Venue
Opening   Jan 19 Beverly Hills Laemmle Music Hall
Opening   Jan 19 New York City Village East Cinema
Jan 19 6:30 PM New York City NYC PREMIERE SCREENING & Q+A Village East Cinema
Jan 23 6:50 PM Beverly Hills, Los Angeles LA PREMIERE SCREENING & Q+A Laemmle Music Hall
Opening   Jan 25 Sedona Mary Fisher Theater
Jan 25 7:00 PM Portland OR Cinema 21 (Special Q+A)
Jan 26 6:45 PM Camas WA Liberty Theater (Special Q+A)
Jan 28 2:00 PM Tacoma WA Grand Cinemas (Special Q+A)
Jan 31 7:00 PM Seattle WA Crest Cinema (Special Q+A)
Feb 1 6:30 PM Bellingham WA Pickford Film Center (with Special Q+A)
Opening   Feb 2 Pittsburgh Hollywood Theater
Feb 4 3:00 PM Vancouver, Canada Vancity Theater (Special Q+A)
Feb 5 7:00 PM Sebastopol, CA Rialto Cinema (Special Q+A)
Feb 6 7:00 PM San Francisco Opera Plaza (Special Q+A)
Feb 8 7:00 PM Berkeley CA Rialto Cinema, Elmwood (Special Q+A)
Opening   Feb 9 Jaffrey NH River Street Theatre
Feb 12 7:00 PM Minneapolis, MN Lagoon Cinema (Special Q+A)
Feb 14 7:15 PM Norfolk VA Naro Cinema (with Special Q+A)
Feb 19 7:00 PM Washington DC E Street (with Special Q+A)
Feb 21 7:00 PM Boston Kendall Square Cinema (with Special Q+A)
Feb 24 7:00 PM Colorado Environmental Film Festival American Mountaineering Center
Feb 27 7:00 PM Chicago Century Centre (with Special Q+A)
Mar 13 6:30 PM AUSTRALIAN PREMIERE SYDNEY Dendy Newtown (with Special Q+A)
Mar 14 12:00 AM Nantucket MA Dreamland
Opening   Mar 15 Brisbane Dendy Cooporoo
Opening   Mar 15 Canberra Dendy Canberra
Opening   Mar 15 Melbourne Cinema Nova
Opening   Mar 15 Melbourne Cameo Cinemas
Opening   Mar 15 Melbourne Cameo Cinema
Opening   Mar 15 Sydney Dendy Newtown
Mar 15 6:30 PM Melbourne Premiere with Q+A Cinema Nova
Opening   Mar 16 Santa Fe The Screen Santa Fe
Mar 16 6:30 PM Melbourne The Lido (with Special Q+A)
Mar 17 3:30 PM Melbourne The Classic Cinema (with Special Q+A)
Mar 18 3:30 PM Canberra Dendy Canberra (with Special Q+A)
Mar 19 7:00 AM Alice Springs Araluen Art House Cinema
Mar 21 6:30 PM Brunswick Heads NSW Brunswick Picture House (with special Q+A)
Opening   Mar 22 Melbourne Cinema Nova
Mar 22 6:30 PM Brisbane Five Star New Farm Cinema (with Special Q+A)
Mar 23 6:30 PM Brisbane Dendy Cooparoo with Special Q+A
Mar 25 6:30 PM Brunswick Heads NSW Brunswick Picture House
Mar 26 6:30 PM Perth Luna Leederville (with Special Q+A)
Apr 4 6:30 PM Newtown Sydney Dendy Newtown with Special Q+A
Apr 10 7:00 PM South Burlington VT Palace 9
Apr 12 6:15 PM Sydney - Newtown Dendy Newtown (with Special Q+A)
Apr 15 12:00 AM International Wildlife Film Festival Roxy Theater 718 S. Higgins Ave, Missoula, MT 59801